I am proud to become a London escort since it changes my life

I have always thought that life is being unfair to me. Our experience had struggled for so long that even my parents cannot send us to school. I have still been imagining that somehow our life will change. Growing up haven’t experience beautiful clothes, delicious foods and any other kids could have. My happiness before was little, every time our neighbors throw their garbage, I was there and pick stuff that can still be used.  Sometimes, I am lucky when I get a doll. All my life I haven’t experience having a birthday or even blowing a cake. Our birthdays become an ordinary day to work. I feel envy when I get to see kids going to school, wearing a uniform, having cute bag and shoes. When they can buy all the snacks they want and throw it when they are full. And maybe because God has blessed them so much that even ours was put to them. And I thought that all over my life which is proven wrong. God has other ways of plans. My dream came true when I became a London escort of https://escortsinlondon.sx. Becoming an escort is hard, you have to deal with a lots of clients. You have to agree all the things he wants and always keep happy even inside you are dying. Many of my clients asked too much time with me, but this is the work I chose and I need to stand with it. Over the time, I earned money to buy a house that it times ten big in our home before. It was so much big that I have ever been imagine. My family can do whatever they want and I spoiled them because of the feeling we have lack so much. I know that in this work, no one will seriously love me. That no one will love me as much as I want. But I was wrong, there is one guy I meet at the restaurant. He is handsome and looks an educated man. He walks towards me and ask about if we meet before. Of course he can recognize me since I was a London escort but he still keeps talking to me. We ended up getting each number. We keep texting and hanging out. He is such a gentleman and kind to me. He never discuss about how I work as an escort but respect my privacy. He helps me to learn how to love myself since I belittle it. After months of getting to know, we move on to the next stage. Our relationship became official and I was so happy for the smooth run of our relationship. I am proud to become a London escort since it changes my life.


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