I lose myself from becoming a London escort but move forward


Life isn’t always easy as you thought. Lucky for those who are born rich because they have comfortable life. I wish I have them too. My parents are poor and accepted the situation. But you cannot deny to me how I dream to have a good life too. All of us worked for our meal and everyone struggles. Sometimes, we sleep hungry and cried. I could say that our life can never change but I was wrong. I went to London Agency  at https://www.cityofeve.org to apply for London escort and since I am perfectly fit and beautiful, I was able to pass. I get the job and happy for my family. I want us to survive life. I did my best to my first client, I work hard for it and give the best performance. I am focus on my work because I want to buy my family a house, cars and everything that we never had. I don’t mind people who judge and belittle me. I got more clients because of the all-out performance. I want to excel on becoming London Escort and give all myself. Through the years of being an escort I have finally bought a house, cars, and my dream stuff. All was everything in my hand because of the hard work I put. And I think I deserve it since that was all my efforts. But this one client booked me, he is a bit mysterious, he talk less and handsome. I haven’t know about him too much since he never shares. He is gentleman and treat me good. He never ask for an extra service. After the event we went through, he keeps texting and hanging out with me. We went party and both drunk. I know, I like him so much and I want to have him. He was too drunk that he cannot move. I took advantage with it. The morning I woke up, he went away and I texted him. I never get any respond and no calls. Weeks passed but still no communication, it pains me that I’m in love with him and I thought he likes me too but coward to speak. I spent a lot of sleepless night and take a leave on London Agency. I found myself messy and helpless. It been five months to me to accept the things that had happened to me. I need to continue life and be wise enough to fall in love again. I promise myself that the next person I love will accept the real me. I lose myself but I have learn to love it again. I am still a London escort but more strong and fierce.

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